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Brief description

1. Introduction
Villa Anna was built back in 1900, by family Marocchino, merchants from nearby town Bakar. It was named after the owner's wife. The house still bears the restaured original letters forming its name. Villa Anna was built in secession style, as a middle-size unit and has been protected as cultural asset.

2. Location
Villa Anna is situated in South-east part of Rijeka, at the address Šetalište 13. divizije 99, considered as elite part of the city of Rijeka. The terrain itself is located between the streets Šetalište 13. divizije and J.P. Kamova, spreading about 55 meters in length, approximatelly 25 wide, occupying the surface of somewhat less than 1.300 m2. The house is one of two or three of a kind to spread from one to the other street.
Accross the street you will find the building and park of once famouse and elite hotel „Park“. Currently the ex hotel building accomodates private elementary and high school. The city council recently adopted new city arrangement plan, which calls for building of 5 star hotel, hidden in greenery and with less height than the existing building. The sea facade of the ex hotel Park looks on once elite beach of the city of Rijeka, and the beach called „Villa Olga“. Both beaches are made of concrete surfaces or natural rocks.
South-east of Villa Anna you will find a gravel beach „Glavanovo“ approximatelly 100 meters long. North-west of the house, there is another gravel beach, „Sablićevo“. The quality of sea water of these beaches is of supreme quality, since, unfortunatelly, Rijeka has no industry left, and all sewage drains of the buildings facing the sea shore have been connected to centra collector system.
The South-east neighbour of Villa Anna is another large secession villa, now converted in rectory, accomodating the pastor of catholic church. Nort-west neighbours of Villa Anna are two buildings separated by high wall and fences covered with ivy.
Passing through the accessory unit (swimming-pool) you can exit to Janka Polića Kamova street, famous for its high trees and largest shopping mall in Rijeka – Tower center Rijeka, with cinemas, shops, supermarkets etc.
The terrain from Šetalište 13.divizije to Janka Polića Kamova street climbs gradually, in cascades.
In front of the rectory, looking to Šetalište 13.divizije, there is a row of garages. The two large garages have been built by the rectory, with my assistance. I am entitled to use one of them, for the period of fifteen years, and the other is in use by the pastor.

3. Reconstruction
The reconstruction of Villa Ana was designed by the architect Miro Gudelj. The most prominent static and thermal-energy engineers participated in the elaboration of the project, joined also by famous Croatian illumination designer from Pula. All necessary building permissions for the reconstruction of Villa Ana and its auxiliary unit (swimming pool) were regularly obtained. Recently, there was also obtained the final permit, one for the regular use of the house. The simplest way to describe the reconstruction is to say that everything that can be seen now at the terrain (buildings, depository, garage, supporting wals, pergola, etc.) is brand new, and only outside walls of the house reaching the half-hight of the first floor remained from the old house.
New basement with around 100 m2 of surface was digged under the building itself (it now accomodates hunting room and wine cellar). The basement is covered in ferroconcrete, and this box-like structure acts as foundation of the building. There were also built new slabs, made in reinforced concrete which replaced the old wooden ones. The vertical support pillars are hidden in partition walls. This concept provided for creating of completelly new of reinforced concrete construction, which sattisfies contemporary regulations. The auxiliary unit, (swimming pool, fitness) has been built as separate construction of reinforced steel.
The garage space has been prolonged to approximatelly 8 meters (the garage is situated under green pergola, and has an entrance from Šetalište 13.divizije street.

4. Layout
All Villa Anna units total around 800 m2 of gross surface (650 – 680 m2 of net surface).
The main unit occupying the terrain is Villa Anna, with layout surface of 16x9 m, and has an annex of around 60 m2 built at the ground floor level. This annex serves ans large living room. There is separate staircase leading in the basement, which has separate fireplace built. This room serves as hunting room and wine cellar.
The ground floor accomodates main and auxiliary entrance, anteroom, dining room, kitchen, small pantry, wardrobe and study, together with small bathroom with toilet and shower. The before mentioned living room is situated at approximatelly same level and it makes an integral part of the house.
The first floor accomodates main bedroom with bathroom and large built-in wardrobe, anteroom and balcony. There is also a guestroom with its bathroom. The loft has another room, small bathroom of a total surface of 60 m2. This part of the house should have some minor details worked – out (luminaires, ventilation openings decorations and similar).
There is an underground corridor leading from the house to the auxiliary unit (swimming pool) and fitness hall. At the beginning of this corridor, next to the exit from living room, the utility was built in North-west side of the house, and a warehouse, built in South-east side of the house. Engine room was built in front of and under the swimming pool, which also has bathroom with two showers, wardrobe and toilet installed ans anteroom for the swimming pool. The staircase leads you to the swimming pool area, 16 m long and approximatelly 5,5 m wide. The unit has a large mural, painted by famous Croatian painter, late Edo Murtić, under whose recommendation the architect has designed the area. In front of the swimming pool, there is the last park cascade, accomodating the palm trees and lawn, and sunbathing area imitating a beach hidden from courious eyes. Exterior facade of the swimming pool has a stylized wave made in cheramic tiles, inspired by famous public swimming pool in Wienna which dates back in secession era. The swimming-pool stairs lead you to the upper floor, which accomodates sauna and bathroom, fitness room and massage room. This unit exits to J.P. Kamova street with hand-made spiral cast iron staircase.
Behind the posterior part of the house, one of the cascades hides built-in warehouse with separate entrance.
The main entrance to the property is the one leading from Šetalište 13.divizije street, accross the road created under the arc in front of the garage or accros the passage (door) built at the South-east side of the property. There is approximatelly 10 meters dividing the house from the main street. This area has a fountain and decorative pergola created, which ends in outside residence and barbecue area. In front of the living room, a Mediterranean garden was created.

5. Equipment of the house
5.1. Safetyt
Villa Anna has all windows and doors fabricated according to high safety standards (armored doors, bullett proof windows). The doors separating various units are also armored. All rooms are protected by thermal sensors, alarms and cameras, which are connected to video-recording system. All areas around the house and main entrance doors are also protected as above. Ultrasound barrier system protect all access points to the house. Every room has fire alarm sensors, making part of main fire alarm system. The system is connected with security company Protect d.o.o. from Rijeka.

5.2. Heating and cooling
There are two heating and cooling systems built in the house. The first system is underfloor heating and cooling and the other one is air driven heating and cooling. Even during the most severe winters it is sufficient to have only underfloor heating on. The swimming pool area is heated with warm air. The air that goes sucked out of the swimming pool area goes dehumidified through a separate compressor. The swimming pool water is heated to 27°C. Fitness room is heated / cooled through fan coils. The main fuel is natural gas originating from North Adriatic, and it provides safe and low cost source of energy.

5.3. Telephone, TV and internet
There is main telephone center, which is cable – connected with the house. The house has 6 phone numbers and ISDN. There are two ADSL and Max-TV systems – one in living room and one in the bedroom. Each room in the house and in the auxiliary unit is telephone and internet cabled with the rest of the house.
5.4. Speaker system
Every room in the house is equipped with the speakers. The volume can be controlled separatelly in each room. There is also the central sound sistem built in the house.
5.5. Illumination
The illumination has been carefully planned, consisting of several hundreds illumination bodies distributed in the house and in other units and park surrounding the house.
5.6. Watering system
Automatic watering system of all surfaces covered in greenery has been installed, based on horticultural project.

6. Park
All the greenery planted around the house has been regularly maintained. Various plants were planted. All fences surrounding the house are covered in ivy. The terrain around the house has two plants decades-old – an oleander and a rose.

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